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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nearly Insane Blocks # 8 & 14

Whew! Block # 8 was a mission, but I thought I may as well tackle it now, rather then leave it. I am piecing my blocks in the diagonal order, so the dreaded # 8 was next on the list. I have noticed its a bit wonky top right corner so I may have to tweak it!!

Nearly Insane Blocks 8

The next block # 14
Nearly Insane Blocks 8 001

Must get back to the kitchen and make some Apricot & Coconut Balls in time for Saturday. We have our Family Christmas Celebration a week before, so all the adult kids and the kiddies can go to their other respective parents/grandparents on Christmas day. The MIL ( me) doesn’t seem to get Christmas day, but thats O.K. as we go to the Italian side of the family for our traditional Christmas fare!

Bye for now

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nearly Insane Blocks 7 and 77

Block 7 and Block 77. They look so different. There are little apples around the square in the square and what looked to me like Christmas lights in the Chrome Yellow in B7
Love Block 77Those Greens and Double pinks with a little Chrome yellow as a Zing
Wish I could say I was getting more sewing done! Plan on baking another fruit cake tomorrow. The Hazelnut one and other Christmassy things. Have a Great Week All Cheers Lynne