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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two more Done

I manged to finish another couple of Nearly Insane blocks and # 43 nearly did drive me insane. I think it took me the longest I have ever taken to make a block, mainly because I didn't follow the numbers on the pattern. I thought I knew better, and when I realised what a shambles I was in, it was too late to start over. Plus I was running out of the red fabric. It is not one of my best efforts, but I think I can fudge it in!

Nearly Insane Block 43 Nearly Insane Block 37

My second block was alot better, but its amazing how out of practise you can get when you haven't done any Foundation Piecing for a while. It took me quite awhile to get back into the swing of it.
Thanks for

keeping an eye on me smile Sue