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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nearly Insane Block 33

Not happy with my block 33 Thought it looked odd in the book.I want to turn those units around so that it is more or less symmetrical.As is is paper-pieced it is not easy to turn the units around.  Maybe Salinda was having a bad hair day :-)
Feeling a little better as I see that Tazzie interpreted the block the same too. Maybe I should  just leave it as a quirk.
Love that Dargate Indigo in the centre and decided to go for Green and Gold  as an Aussie symbol. Pink is there as there are small pink flowers in the indigo. Besides I just happened to like that pink.
Finally finished all 120 units of 4 Flying geese!  Loved doing them but I was sure glad to finish.
I can now concentrate on Nearly Insane and Maltaville. Have a Great Week All  Cheers Lynne

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It’s a bit slow going….

But I am trying to do a few more blocks. I miss making them whilst I am doing other things.

Block 47

Block 47 - Nearly Insane

I never noticed that I had made a mistake on the next one, but I am going to leave it. I’m sure when its in the quilt it won’t be noticed, and if it is, so be it!!

Block 53

Block 47 - Nearly Insane 001 

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