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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top Finished - Tazzie

OMG! Today is a big day ... I have finally finished the top of my Nearly Insane quilt! I'm entirely thrilled with how it looks.

The picture could be better, but I'm sure you'll forgive me - it's almost 10pm and so it's quite dark. But of course I couldn't wait until tomorrow morning to share.

Now I just have to wait until my backing fabric arrives, and I'll be able to get busy with the quilting. Happy days!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Block #87 - Ann

I hadn't meant to make mirror images...I intended to offset the inner four patches. But I didn't notice until it was almost done, and they'll be on opposite sides of the quilt, so I'm satisfied as is. There's not much going on in this quilt, even I won't remember all the ways I have varied from the pattern.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I like this a lot better - Tazzie

I spent some time unpicking and re-sewing this afternoon, and this is the result:

I'm much happier with this arrangement. Even though it's not how the original quilt is put together, I really like how the narrow inner border defines the edge of the pieced blocks. I also like how it tamed the problem of all the bumpy seam intersections between the main body of the quilt and the zig-zags. There are only two further zig-zag sides to put on, and then it's the final wide border, which is the same fabric as the sashing strips and the narrow inner border.

So happy with how this is progressing, I'm really on the home stretch :-)

Inner Border - Tazzie

I haven't had a lot of time for sewing this week, but thought I'd share where I'm at anyway. One zig-zag border is on my NI quilt top, and I've started putting together some pieces for the subsequent borders.

Just one thing I'd like to share - this border doesn't really fit the quilt. I drew the centre up in EQ7 using the dimensions in the book and it sizes to 76-3/4", and making the border up as directed it measures 78".

As you see, I've eased it in place, but I'm wondering if I should take it off and add a narrow border 1/2" finished all around inbetween the blocks and the zig zag border. It's not in keeping with the original quilt, but it would solve the problem, and also make the issue of very bulky seam intersections between the blocks and the zig zag disappear. What do you think? And for anyone that has finished the quilt top, how did you deal with this? I just don't think the suggestion in the book of playing with the seam allowance is accurate enough.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Inner Border - Tazzie

Since my last post I've been working on the inner border of the NI quilt, and so far, I think I'm liking what I see :-) I've almost completed enough zig-zags for one whole side, but I have to put the stitching aside in favour of some chores for now.

When I was imagining how this border would go, I was certain that I'd choose tan and navy, but Jenny and I auditioned fabrics the other day, and we selected these pink and green fabrics which are the colours they used in the book. Looks nice, yes?

I'll be looking forward to getting more done ... I'll check back in soon :-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nearly Insane Centre - Tazzie

Last night and this afternoon I got busy piecing, and I'm so happy to report that I've completed the centre of my Nearly Insane quilt! I'm thrilled with how it looks and how it's gone together.

Next on the agenda is the zig-zag border. My dear friend Jenny visited yesterday, and we spent a little time hunting in my stash and have found the perfect combination for the zig-zag's. After dinner is done with tonight, I'll make up a little test piece to ensure it's what I'm looking for. Happy days!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Block #74 - Ann

My progress is much slower than the amazing Tazzie, but I am steadily marking them off

I can't seem to help myself - I must always mix batiks and modern geometrics and country prints and vintage apron fabrics into a single block.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Block 80 Remake - Tazzie

And so my happiness is complete!

Block 58 - Tazzie

I didn't think I'd have the time to put this block together today, but I did, and I'm thrilled! This is my final Nearly Insane block - #58!

How exciting to have completed all the blocks, it has been hard going at times, but utterly worth it. I have one little thing I'd like to finally do, and that is to alter Block 80. It's a little crookedy, and if I'm going to fix it, now is the time to do it - I don't want it to bug me for all eternity.

I'm so pumped to start putting that zig zag border together. Bring it on!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Block 70 - Tazzie

Here is my Block 70. As much as I want to rush holus-bolus into the last block, because it's getting late, and with work commitments, it's unlikely I'll get any stitching done until Thursday. Unless I get super organised ... and there's not much chance of that!

I made a small error with this block - the large cream outer triangles should have been green, and the smaller green triangles should have been cream. Having said that, I'm still thrilled with the way the block looks, so it's staying as is.

Rock on Thursday, I'm dying to get the last block made!!

Block 57 - Tazzie

Here is my NI Block 57. I've used all sorts of red in this one, as I'm getting very low on some fabrics, and don't really want to cut into yardage at this very late stage. I also managed to use the little owl I had intended to use in block 63 - it fit this one perfectly (though when the block is set on point he's going to tilt a little).

Only two blocks to go now, and they're drawn up and ready to go!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Block 75 - Tazzie

Here it is - Block 75 - it seemed to take forever! I'm so glad to have this one checked off the list - the final three blocks will seem like a breeze after this little cutie!

To get the block to sit flat for a photograph, I've soaked it with so much 'best press' that it feels like a little piece of cardboard!

And for the purists, you'll notice that I added a couple of tiny squares in the middle, and slightly altered the second last, and last row of triangles for symmetry's sake. The wonky nature of some of the blocks irks me a little. So, because of my changes, there may be a couple more than 181 pieces in this block ... I just don't feel like counting them right now! :-)

On today's agenda ...

Today I'm tackling the dreaded block 75. It has 181 pieces, and I predict it's going to take a loooong time.

Update: I've completed the centre to the first row of green triangles ... now we're getting to the really tiny pieces! Pictures soon :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Block 69 - Tazzie

Here is my Block 69 - finished just a few minutes ago. Just a few more gaps to fill and I can start final assembly of the quilt top. Very exciting!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Block 65 - Tazzie

And here is my second block for the day - Block 65.

It's just short of 11pm Sunday now, so it's fairly safe to say that I'm done for the weekend. Tomorrow is my day off though, so there may be another NI block in my near future :-)

Block 63 - Tazzie

I'm on a Nearly Insane roll again. Here is Block 63 - isn't the fussy cut fan in the centre cute? I had wanted to use an owl which was on the same fabric, but it was too close to the selvedge to center it nicely.

If you're counting along, you'll know I only have six blocks remaining now ... let's see if I can get another done before the end of the weekend ...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Block 56 - Tazzie

Here is my Block 56. It was actually quite easy to put together, I made it this evening while I have the house to myself. Something that doesn't happen too often!

I didn't realise until I looked at the picture just now how similar that tan print and one of the cream prints is - how fun! Once again, for this block I used a variety of small scraps - many of my NI fabrics are tiny pieces now. I'll have to make up some small log cabin blocks or something to use the last of the little bits.

I have only 7 blocks left to make - I'd like to get another one prepared tonight, and perhaps I'll get it done tomorrow :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Block 6 – Sue

Have managed to finish  Block # 6

Nearly Insane 6 

DONE! Here is BLOCK 17

What a mission this one was. It has taken me on and off a couple of days to get it right. ( or as near as)

I think I went about the piecing in the wrong order, then ended up with a bit of a mess. Thank goodness its done.

Nearly Insane 17