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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Block 94 - Tazzie

Just a quickie post tonight - here is my block 94, I made it up this evening :-)

Yay for my last triangle block. I'm not sure about my colour selection tonight, must be the Krispy Kreme doughnut I had earlier - I'm on a little bit of a sugar rush maybe. I'm sure in the big scheme of the quilt, this block will look entirely wonderful.

Here's hoping I can get a couple more blocks made during the next week or so - I have my fingers crossed :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Block 86 - Tazzie

Finally! At last I've had the opportunity to put a NI block together, it seems like it has been such a long time.

This one is block 86, and not a tricky one at all. I only have one more triangle block to make now. Here's hoping I can get back on track and get some more blocks made up soon.

And just a quick housekeeping note. I know I haven't mentioned this in the past, but I was kind of hoping it would be self evident. Since we all have our own blogs, I'd really prefer it if this blog could be limited to NI posts. I'd really appreciate it, thanks :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Antiquing Saturday I found two postcards from my husband's granddaddy's motor court in Sumter! What a score; we are thrilled. He had nineteen cabins
and a restaurant and gas station.
Granddaddy Evans was quite an entrepreneur. Not only was he a truck farmer who grew vegetables at his farm in Providence, SC and sold them in Cola at the Farmer's Market but he had a country store next to his house. Then he started this motor court in Sumter. And I recently learned he owned a barber shop in Orangeburg, SC (and he wasn't even a barber).
Granddaddy did all this and put four kids through college (all became teachers) during the Depression.
I have always wanted to stay in one of these cabin style motor courts.
Have any of you? Do you even want to?
For Kimberly and Mary Bailey.....I did buy other post cards and will be posting them on the blog in days to come :) I told the dealer I like the ones with writing on them; he does not. :)
Any body else out there with old post cards?
I am going to my brother's for a few days this week....see ya when I get back!

Nearly Insane Blocks 1 & 2 - Susannasquilts

At long last the start of my Nearly Insane Blocks. I have managed to make Blocks 1 & 2.
Not too good on the photography so I have scanned them. I Paper Foundation Pieced them, and still managed to get them a little off.. then remembered the great tip from Liz Lois in the book, was to treat each section as a mini quilt and measure as you go. I cut the last border a little larger, then cut it down to measure the exact size needed.
Must get off this computer and make another one!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Antique Quilts Etc...

What do quilters do with their "spare" time? Let's see.....

Watch Fons & Porter's tv show, For the Love of Quilting....

Read quilt blogs for ideas, encouragement, inspiration......

I just checked in at http://www.stellarubinantiques.com/ to see some awesome antique quilts, gorgeous jewelry and other art works.

I am always amazed at the antique quilts found by other quilters at antique malls etc... The ones I find are usually of the recent polyester (a quilting no no) variety, are torn, or worn, and way overpriced.
So far the only antique quilts I own are from my mother's attic and I don't know their provenance :( Mother's mother was a "seamstress" so I can only hope she made at least one of these quilts. They are very well done. The pictures at the top show them.
The tiny scrap on the little side table between the two red wing chairs is one I bought at an antique mall. Tiny and cheap!
Yesterday, girlfriend Rita, aka Lucy, came over for a day of sewing and catching up. I'll show you all the gifts she brought back for me from her trip to West Va. in my next post.
Meanwhile I am off to McLeod Farms Peach Festival in McBee. Our quilt guild was asked to do some quilting to show the folks who come by. I will be embroidering the second block for my catalicious quilt. It is to be a Christmas gift for a cat loving non quilting friend.
What do you do in your "Spare Time"?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Block 87 - Tazzie

After such a tricky block, here is an easy one. This is block 87 - and very simple to just rotary cut and piece.

This is 58th block I've made, so it means I have 40 more to go now. Wow, they're really adding up.

And in fabulous news, we have two new contributors to our Blog. Donna and Sue - welcome to you both. I very much look forward to seeing your NI progress.

I should have plenty of sewing time on my hands shortly - as of this weekend my kids are on school holidays for two weeks - and I am fortunate not to work during school holidays. I'll be Mum's taxi for sure, but I know I'll find time in the sewing room!