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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nearly Insane Block 85

B85wbest2 I quite like the way this one developed. Lots of tiny pieces but I did not lose the colour. Had fun with the stripes.
Cheers Lynne

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Nearly Insane Blocks

I got stuck in once again with my Nearly Insane Blocks, and have managed to make these.

Block 12

Nearly Insane Block 12

Block 24

Nearly Insane Block 24

Block 30

Nearly Insane Block 30 I might have to make an alteration to this block as it turned out wrong. I should have had the pink triangles on one side going the other way.

Nearly Insane Block 41 Not too sure about this one as the colour in reality is very black.  Might be too dark.

And, last but not least is Block 18

This took me 3 days on and off – 229 piecesNearly Insane Block 18


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