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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I’ve had a Couple……


of nice afternoons sewing, and have managed some more Nearly Insane Blocks.  I am piecing mine on the diagonal of the quilt. I find it easier for me to work out where I am and I like ticking them off as I go.

Its funny how the brain works differently for every-one. This works best for me.

This one is Block 23 more fiddly than you realiseBlock 23

Below is Block 29

Block 29

and Block 35 – this block took me all afternoon to piece. My purple is a little close in colour to the blue, but overall I don’t mind it.

Block 35

These little blocks are so addictive, that I really missed sewing them whilst my hand was in plaster. All is well with the thumb now, just need to keep stretching it with exercise.

Thanks for dropping by

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Ann said...

They all look great!

Tazzie said...

Love the blocks Sue, they're all wonderful. I completely understand that you missed working on the blocks while you were in plaster - I'm missing piecing on them too! I can't wait to finish quilting so I can begin work on my next small block project.