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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy to have finished some more blocks

This was the nice easy one I did after a stressful day.

Block 13

Block 7
Cut one piece a bit short at the bottom, but I’ll have enough to fudged it when sewing together.

Block 7 - Nearly Insane
Block 26

Nice and Easy
 Block 26 - Nearly Insane

Block 36

I never noticed until now that two of the green diamonds go the wrong way. Grr! 
Or are they?

Block 36 - Nearly Insane

Block 42

This was an absolute pain to do as I kept sewing the strips together the wrong way around. I didn’t just do it once, but at least 3 times. Then after piecing the centre I had the two vertical rows of geese going away from the centre instead of towards it. Ah well….
 Block 42 - Nearly Insane

Block 66     
I really like this block.
 Block 66 - Nearly Insane

Block 60 –
Another nice one. I’m trying to have my colours not too drab.

 Block 60 - Nearly Insane

Block 48
This one is a bit different. Some of the blocks are so easy, and some are very difficult.

Block 48 - Nearly Insane

Block 54

I really like the star blocks. I think they are my favourite.

 Block 54 - Nearly Insane
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Barbara said...

My goodness, you've been so busy! I agree with you that the star blocks are the prettiest.

Tazzie said...

Wow, you've been soooo busy Sue, I'm just loving your blocks - the fabrics are so bright and lovely.
Be sure to have a great weekend