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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nearly Insane Block 34

Block is finished :-) I am happy One more block in this row before I am forced to tackle B22. The one I have been avoiding forever! One of my most favourite fabrics is the Sturbridge Apricot. Wish they made more repro apricots. I have less than a F8 left of this one and lets just say I will be very sad when it is gone.
Gorgeous Spring day here and it is going to be even better tomorrow. Happy Sewing All                 Cheers Lynne


Ann said...

It looks great Lynne. I'm glad to see that you are still working on these blocks.

I am stuck on a difficult block, and therefore avoiding it. As we move into winter here in the northern hemisphere, I hope to find the time and courage to tackle it again.

Sheila said...

great fabric combinations in this, the apricot gives it a glow

Emily said...

I just started a Nearly Insane quilt, I am making each block out of Cherrywood fabrics. It would be fun to share progress on your blog!