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Monday, June 28, 2010

Block 18 - Tazzie

Can you imagine how thrilled I am to finally finish this block? It was tackled in spurts over four days. Honestly, it was too fiddly just to crank it out all at once - all 229 pieces.

You can see the little pins all around the place - I had to pin it to my ironing board once again to get it to stay flat enough to photograph.

I'm not sure which block I'll work on next, but which ever it is, it'll feel like a breeze after this one!


PatchworkRose said...

Just Love it :-) I still need to make this block. Not yet though.
Love the colours.
Have a great Week

Minka's Studio said...

Bravo! Wonderful-wonderful job! At first, I thought your yellow pinhdeads were fussy cuts. You are the one who taught me to use freezer paper to get a block to hold still for photograhing. Now you're teaching me a new trick with the pins. Why didn't I think of that?

Ann said...

Just catching up after vacation, and love the multiple photos showing your progress. It's another beautiful block. Hope to get back to quilting this week - I have a block almost finished!

Sue said...

Hi Tazzie again
I forgot to mention The Farmers Wife Sampler. Thats on the list to do also!
I would love to join the Nearly Insane Group, so please send me permission.
Thanks again and I love your fabric choices.