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Monday, July 19, 2010

Nearly Insane Blocks 1 & 2 - Susannasquilts

At long last the start of my Nearly Insane Blocks. I have managed to make Blocks 1 & 2.
Not too good on the photography so I have scanned them. I Paper Foundation Pieced them, and still managed to get them a little off.. then remembered the great tip from Liz Lois in the book, was to treat each section as a mini quilt and measure as you go. I cut the last border a little larger, then cut it down to measure the exact size needed.
Must get off this computer and make another one!!


Tazzie said...

Your blocks look entirely wonderful Sue, and I just love the fabrics and colours you've chosen.
I'm just dying to get a block or two made, but other quilt projects have gotten in the way lately.
Look forward to seeing your future blocks.

Minka's Studio said...

I love your colors.

Barbara said...

I love your colours. I keep trying to remember to measure as I go, manage to do it until half way through the block and then forget. I'm on block 20 now and have still not managed to measure all the way - I just get so caught up in the progress!