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Monday, July 19, 2010


Antiquing Saturday I found two postcards from my husband's granddaddy's motor court in Sumter! What a score; we are thrilled. He had nineteen cabins
and a restaurant and gas station.
Granddaddy Evans was quite an entrepreneur. Not only was he a truck farmer who grew vegetables at his farm in Providence, SC and sold them in Cola at the Farmer's Market but he had a country store next to his house. Then he started this motor court in Sumter. And I recently learned he owned a barber shop in Orangeburg, SC (and he wasn't even a barber).
Granddaddy did all this and put four kids through college (all became teachers) during the Depression.
I have always wanted to stay in one of these cabin style motor courts.
Have any of you? Do you even want to?
For Kimberly and Mary Bailey.....I did buy other post cards and will be posting them on the blog in days to come :) I told the dealer I like the ones with writing on them; he does not. :)
Any body else out there with old post cards?
I am going to my brother's for a few days this week....see ya when I get back!

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