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Monday, January 10, 2011

One more Block…

Just now finished another Nearly Insane Block. # 21

Nearly Insane Blocks

I’m on a roll now - Cheers Sue


Nancy said...

Just came upon your blog today and am glad to see so many beautiful blocks. I have been working on Nearly Insane for about five years, but not exclusively. I have one block left, Can you guess which one? Yes number 18, it's about half way through. I advise you not to wait till the end to do it. I could always find a reason to put it off. Dont forget to work on the border as you go along so its not left to the end. I try to
keep the pieces by my machine to work on as I am stitching other projects.
Salinda Rupp what a character. Would love to know what she was up to while making this quilt. Too bad she never left a diary or patterns for her blocks.
Keep going all the blocks are beautiful and your colours are inspiring.

Barbara said...

I was curious about Selinda Rupp's motivation but, like Nancy, it was doing block 18 that really got me wondering!