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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blocks 85, 25 & 45 - Tazzie

I've been a busy bee this weekend working on my NI blocks.

First was block 85 - using some 'new to me' cheddar fabric. Even though the blocks are often drawn up differently, I mostly change the orientation of the triangles to give the blocks a little more symmetry.

And here's block 25. Another odd looking one for sure. I don't mind if I never see half inch finished HST's again :-)

My personal challenge - block 45. It looked like the easier of the three 'lone star' style blocks in the book. I guess it wasn't too hard, just fiddly - but I can now confidently say that I'm not looking forward to block 44 in the least!

If I be a good girl and get my chores done today, I'll allow myself some more time in the sewing room this afternoon. It'd be so nice to get some more checked off the list :-)


PatchworkRose said...

My Goodness girl You are on a roll!!
Love your blocks.I made B25 to look like a Christmas Cracker about this time last year :-) I am always amazed at the difference in our blocks

Ann said...

I was just looking at block 45, trying to choose my next one - we have a long holiday weekend coming up, so I may be up to the challenge!