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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I nearly Forgot To Add These Blocks

After looking at all the lovely blocks from every-one I noticed although I had added some to my blog susannasquilts I had forgotten to add them to the Nearly Insane Blog, so here goes.

Block # 3 Nearly Insane Blocks  Block # 5           Nearly Insane Blocks 003  Block # 10Nearly Insane Blocks 001


and Block # 11

Nearly Insane Blocks 002  They certainly are addictive and once my Christmas gifty stuff is made I will get back to them in the holidays.

The lovely thing about after Christmas is that DH closes the office for 4 whole weeks. Wippee!! 4 weeks of no office work /phones.

Cheers for now



Tazzie said...

Oh my goodness Sue, your blocks are just lovely. I love the fabrics you've selected. I really look forward to seeing more of them.

PatchworkRose said...

Love that smithsonian in the centre of b10 :-)