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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Block 7 - Tazzie

Here is my block 7. I'm having fun cramming as many different fabrics into each block as I can. Using up scraps left over from my DJ quilt is great - each piece has memories for me. And using my new fabrics is wonderful too :-)

I've made a few blocks over the past week or so. I'll set them up to post over the first week while I'm away. I haven't made enough to last for my whole vacation. I don't think I'll be taking my book with me to make any while I'm away either.

I'd like to make up block 12 before I go. When that one is done I'll have made up blocks 1 through 14 as well as all the other random blocks.

And while I think of it, please send your encouragement and thoughts to our good friend Barbara. We haven't heard from her in a little while because she's battling with block number 18 - it's a real toughie. I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts Barbara, you can do it!! xox

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Thanks Tazzie!
I've also got heavily involved with researching my family tree - as addictive as quilting. Block 18, however, is one little strip of triangles away from a finish. I do appreciate the encouragement as it was an obstacle and I was too mulishly stubborn to hop over it... Looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return, xx