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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Block 50 - Tazzie

My final finish for the day - block 50. I was a little naughty with this one, and redrafted the outside area to eliminate a second round of set-in seams. I was a little over them by the time I'd completed the centre. If you stand back and squint your eyes, you'll never notice :-)

I'll probably draw up another one before I head to bed, ready for me to stitch up tomorrow. I think I have only one block left to complete before I can attach the next row. Super fun!


PatchworkRose said...

Blocks look Great Tara
I hope to get back into them soon but I am making a present for a Friends 60th. Lots of little pieces. Nearly finished it and then I can get back to my NI blocks. Love that circle fabric. It is perfect!!

viridian said...

I so agree with you about set in seams. I will probably redraft that inside border to aviod those inset seams too, when I get to this block.