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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blocks 68 & 72 - Tazzie

Just so you know I haven't been slacking off ;-) here are my two latest Nearly Insane blocks.

This is block 72 - I made it late-ish last night. It was late when I took the picture, and I'm declaring that the hour was the reason for the blurry picture - nothing to do with the camera operator *lol* I was able to use some of my skinny leftover strips for this block. With the tiny pieces, nothing is wasted, that's for sure!

And here is block 68 - I made it on Friday, but haven't showed it off yet. Another one that has used the tiniest of pieces.

I had a couple of questions from people I wasn't able to personally email back to - mostly asking about the size of the blocks. They're six inch blocks - and can be quite time consuming for such small blocks, but very rewarding.

Now I only have 14 blocks left to make. I'll try and make another tonight. I'm already thinking ahead to how I'll quilt it, this is such fun! :-)

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