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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nearly Insane Centre - Tazzie

Last night and this afternoon I got busy piecing, and I'm so happy to report that I've completed the centre of my Nearly Insane quilt! I'm thrilled with how it looks and how it's gone together.

Next on the agenda is the zig-zag border. My dear friend Jenny visited yesterday, and we spent a little time hunting in my stash and have found the perfect combination for the zig-zag's. After dinner is done with tonight, I'll make up a little test piece to ensure it's what I'm looking for. Happy days!


Ann said...

Love it! The sashing and corner stones really bring it all together.

Sue said...

How fabulous! I love the sashing and cornerstones. Very clever girl!
I'll miss seeing your blocks coming up.LOL

Sheila said...

This is looking great,I would love to attempt this quilt. Regards your problem.. I would add a narrow border between the quilt and the pieced border, It could be in the same green leaf, especially if you were to bind it in that fabric