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Friday, March 25, 2011

Inner Border - Tazzie

I haven't had a lot of time for sewing this week, but thought I'd share where I'm at anyway. One zig-zag border is on my NI quilt top, and I've started putting together some pieces for the subsequent borders.

Just one thing I'd like to share - this border doesn't really fit the quilt. I drew the centre up in EQ7 using the dimensions in the book and it sizes to 76-3/4", and making the border up as directed it measures 78".

As you see, I've eased it in place, but I'm wondering if I should take it off and add a narrow border 1/2" finished all around inbetween the blocks and the zig zag border. It's not in keeping with the original quilt, but it would solve the problem, and also make the issue of very bulky seam intersections between the blocks and the zig zag disappear. What do you think? And for anyone that has finished the quilt top, how did you deal with this? I just don't think the suggestion in the book of playing with the seam allowance is accurate enough.

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