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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Block 27 - Tazzie

It was only a couple of days ago that I declared I was going to try and put the blocks together in order. It seemed good in theory, but then I realised that because of the way I'm just using up fabrics from my scraps and stash, it's not really a good idea. I don't have much yellow or green at all, so the same fabrics would get repeated in the first few rows of the quilt and disappear in later rows. So - I changed my mind, and hopefully I'll get a better spread of fabrics across the quilt.

This is block 27, and it could be considered a little intimidating with lots of inset seams. I find this kind of block is easier when you use freezer paper templates, and leave them in place while you're sewing. For me it helps keep the fabric stable, and you can be sure that the pieces underneath aren't wriggling out of the way.

One thing I noticed after I'd cut out all the pieces is that I've put the green fabric where the yellow should go and vice-versa. I'm not going to change it however, and think the block went together really nicely. It doesn't look square in the picture, but that's due to my bad photography skills and not having the block completely flat.

I have a week and a half of holidays left, I wonder how many blocks I can get done in that time?


Kristie said...

LOVE that block! I haven't made that one yet! I don't like inset seams! :( I will wait a little while before I do that one! :)

PatchworkRose said...

Looking good. I have not made any of the Lemoyne blocks yet.