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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Block #3 - Barbara

Here's my #3. I accidentally caught a bit of selvedge in one of the triangles but I decided early on that this is for me, not the Quilt Police, and that any small mistakes will eventually disappear when all the blocks are together. I am usually quite fussy but this is a long-term project and if I am too picky I will never get it finished...


Tazzie said...

An adorable block Barbara, I really love it. The red and white colour scheme is so very eye catching.
If the tiny bit of selvedge bothers you later on, you can always colour it in with a red pigma pen. I have to admit I've done it before - it makes little things like that a lot less noticeable.

Rosa said...

te a quedado muy bonito

PatchworkRose said...

Love all those Reds Barbara :-)

Barbara said...

Thanks, Tazzie, - that's a good idea with the Pigma pen, hadn't thought of it (have never had a Pigma pen but will now buy one!) xx