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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Block 1 (Barbara)

I'm Barbara and I began my 'Nearly Insane' quilt in 2008. A good quilting friend of mine was moving countries and I bought us each a copy of the book so that we could work on our blocks together so that she would still feel part of our quilt group. I got up to Nr. 14 and then other quilts got in the way. I think it is because these Insane blocks often need a lot more focus and concentration than other quilts I've made (and I haven't made many...). I have enjoyed doing them and am absolutely determined to finish the quilt, however long it takes. I am doing it all in red and white because I saw the one which Hanne did (blog: Hanne's Quilt Corner) and I fell in love with it.


Kristie said...

Lovely! I like your block, it looks very nice! I don't have very many done either and I am hoping that by doing this I can get them done...eventually!

Yvette said...

It beautiful! I am doing this quilt in red/white too and I just love it. I think I have done 63 blocks and can't wait to finish. I look forward to seeing your blocks.

PatchworkRose said...

Love your reds Barbara
I love Hanne's Quilt too.