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Friday, May 7, 2010

Block 15 - Tazzie

Here is my block 15. Marginally easier than the last block I made, but not nearly as difficult as the block I'm making right now (block 49).

Block 15 has been a fun one to make, as most of the fabrics were stealthily given to me by my friend from the USA - Donna. She stashed a paper bag of fabric with my luggage while Linda and I were staying with her. I saw the bag, and knowing it wasn't mine, put it with Linda's luggage. She then returned it. I found it again and put it with Linda's bags. This happened a few times before they finally revealed that the bag was for me. It was so funny at the time :-)

Heading back to the sewing room now - time to battle on with the next block.

1 comment:

PatchworkRose said...

Now Tara you are amazing at how many you manage to get done and I have fallen by the wayside at the moment. Hopefully only temporarily :-)
Love all you purchases. Glad you had a great time