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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Block 35 & 95 - Tazzie

Raise your hand if you thought I'd be able to resist making another block or two over this weekend? No-one? Well, you'd be right. I made up four, and here are two of them:

First up is block 95 - Isn't it fun how the two sides of this block bear no resemblance to each other. I found the cute orange print among the wonderful scraps of fabric Donna stealthily gave to me while I stayed with her in the US. I really love it!

And here is block 35 - I quickly made it up this afternoon. A little more of the orange fabric, and some other favourite prints. I don't think the orange will be making another appearance in the quilt - I think I've used all the precious scrap up now.

Do you see the four blue pieces there? The pattern on the fabric and the way it was cut, and then I've put similar pieces on each side of the block. I didn't realise until I photographed the block that the print had worked out like that. I'd prefer to have one of each piece on each side, but they're staying, and it can be another of the quirks in my quilt :-)

I'll share the other two blocks a little later on. And though I really need to get busy making lunches for tomorrow and doing some last minute tidying, I'm really dying to get back in the sewing room. I'll resist - tomorrow is another day!

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Barbara said...

I wonder if there's a Nearly Insane Anonymous group somewhere for those hopelessly addicted!