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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Block 17 - Tazzie

Here is a busy one - block 17 - it has 109 pieces! Once again I decided to just wing it and rotary cut and piece it, rather than foundation piece it for accuracy like I'm normally tempted to do. I'm really pleased with how it went together - I'm developing a very intimate relationship with the 1/4" seam on my sewing machine :-)

Although the corners look like they're wonky, they're not really - the sides of the block are kind of sitting up due to the large number of seams on the back (ohh, and my lack of photography skills also). This one will look just wonderful when it's in the quilt.

I think I'll tackle block 16 next, it's delightfully haphazard looking ... yes, that's it ... haphazard! :-)


Julianne said...

I love the colours in this block - really pretty!!

PatchworkRose said...

My Goodness you are on a roll! Put me to shame. I love the colours too.

Barbara said...

You're a good role model for us all, Tazzie, in keeping up momentum.