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Friday, May 28, 2010

Block 23 & 41 - Tazzie

Isn't it amazing how fast a week can go? I truly cannot account for my time these past few days, I'm sure work and small people have a lot to do with it :-)

Here are a couple of my recent blocks. The pink one was the last one I needed to add the fifth row to my quilt top.

This is block 23 - love the pink fabric. The thin red pieces were fun to work with - seam allowances were so important. Even being a little bit out meant the strips looked too small or large. I did unpick a couple of pieces for accuracy.

This basket is block 41 - and it was fun to have a bit of applique to play with. I love needle turn applique, so that was the technique I used. I was fretting that the triangles weren't lined up well enough in the basket, but it doesn't really show so much. Overall it's a very cute block.


Minka's Studio said...

the triangles look fine on the basket. Beautiful work as always

Julianne said...

Block 23 is without doubt one of my favourites!!! So simple but really effective!! I love that pink fabric - I have used it before - maybe I should put it in one of my last blocks!!

Barbara said...

The pink block's gorgeous and the accuracy as impressive as ever.