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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

B21 Lynne Patchworkrose

My First Nearly Insane block for the year. It misbehaved! Don’t know why I decided I needed 4 strips of red-should have all been green. Not concerned about that but one of the Triangles I discovered on the last seam was not where it should be. Because of the piecing units it was not a matter of a quick flip either. Oh well it is all fixed and it has personality.
I used Carol Doakes Paper-piecing papers bought from Hancocks. Printer likes them and so do I.Block21wbHope to get next weeks block 53 done on time too. So fingers crossed.
Cheers Lynne


Tazzie said...

Love this block Lynne. The fabrics you've chosen are just so very vibrant, and your piecing is entirely wonderful.
I'm so pleased you're back into making blocks again!

Ann said...

I love all the colorful fabrics! Makes my winter blahs just disappear!

PatchworkRose said...

Thankyou Ann :-) I am hoping all those colourful fabrics will do the same to my Summer Blahs. Roll on Autumn I say. Cheers