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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lynne Found some more :-) Last

Block12wB12 This block was made out of scraps of scraps I cannot throw anything in the scrap bin :-) Block13bw
B13 Love the little birds. Some of these fabrics are little treasures that friends have given me.
Block25bwB25 Love this Block. If you look carefully and use your imagination you will see the Christmas BonBon in the centre. This was the block made Christmas 2008. Block36bw2B36 Love the little birds as you can see :-)Block42bwB42Look there is one little mistake and this block is a challenge. decided that I could live with the hiccup.49WB49 Love the little birds.  you can see them in the background. I have only the tiniest wee bits of those red fabrics courtesy of my friend Nancy :-) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         B70        The Conversational here is Playing CardsBlock73bbwB73 The little butterflies are in the background while the kittens are playing ball :-)Block78wB78OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         B80      the Conversational in this one is hiding. The pink background fabric was the perfect colour and it was originally a Toile of a Buxom LadyBlock81bwB81 Love the little birds in the green fabricBlock83wB83  Not as hard to make as it looks. Just fiddlyBlock87vbw B87 This is a Rooster block. Some of the fabrics in here came from a Charm pack.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         B88 This block is two halves Block94w2 B94 This block is two halves
Block95wB95 This block is two halves and they are not going to be anywhere near each other so why not have them different.
This is the last of the catchup blocks. :-) Enjoy Cheers Lynne


Tazzie said...

More amazing blocks Lynne, I'm so enjoying them. Each one has darling little details and they're just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.
Ohhh, and I simply cannot see the mistake in the block you mentioned.

Barbara said...

Gulp! These have just reminded me what a long way I've got to go yet. They are all so cleverly and carefully made, Lynne, very impressive. I can't see the mistake either - you really need to point it out (or else there is something wrong with my eyesight). x

PatchworkRose said...

Ok the mistake is in the points of the stars. The colours are flipped. The points in each star were meant to be the same. Two top stars are Ok the bottom ones had a hiccup :-)