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Monday, February 22, 2010

Block #35 - Ann

This is my fourth block, and I'm really enjoying them. I still have no real color plan, but am enjoying just choosing fabrics from stash that seem to go together. I've been mainly using fabrics that read solid in these small pieces, but after seeing the beautiful effects with everyone elses blocks, I want to spread my wings a little bit more.


Tazzie said...

Such a cute block Ann, and all your points are just perfect. I really love the orange fabric, very nice.

PatchworkRose said...

Most important thing is to keep having fun.
I Like to give every one of the NI blocks a different personality. So far not one of them has fought with each other
There are no set colour restraints although you might find that I use less of one colour and more of another.
I do not have them on a design wall either. I prefer to wing it. My Design wall is on the NI website so I get to see them after each block is made and I have them in order there.
Happy Sewing Cheers Lynne