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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Start of Block 8 - Tazzie

Wish me luck friends - I'm starting out on Block 8. Barbara has inspired me with her lovely block to give it a go.

As you can see, I've foundation pieced the outside triangle sections. I'll admit I've got them done first because they're among the larger (and somewhat easier) sections. I'm still deciding how I'll tackle the inner parts of the block. Probably with foundation piecing also.

If you haven't heard from me within two weeks - you can assume I've run away screaming! :-)


greg said...

Tazzie, I love the look of these blocks. Does the book come with any sort of pattern or template illustration? I'm thinking of trying them but am a bit afraid...

Barbara said...

It's looking good - you're well on the way. The great thing is that when you're done with this block you know that you've done one of the three really difficult blocks. Also, all the other blocks seem easy after this one. Can't wait to see the finish of this piece of madness! xx