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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Block 8 - Tazzie

Oh my goodness!! This was one of the toughest blocks I've ever made in my whole life. So fiddly with all those tiny pieces. With that and all the many seams, the block appears to weigh ten pounds. It's not perfect, but I'm still proud of myself for getting it put together.

There are elements of the blocks that I'd really like to fix, but piecing this little baby took every ounce of skill that I currently possess. I should have tried harder to get all the stripes in the yellow facing the same direction. A number of the centre pieces are looking crooked (due to either seams or pressing), and the block has ended up one eighth inch bigger all around. I've no energy left to give to it right now, so this block will stay as is. I can't even imagine how Salinda Rupp made this block so many years ago without all the tools and technology we have available to us these days. You can be sure I'll be having a little break before undertaking those two blocks that have even more pieces ... I'm shuddering just thinking about them!

Ohh, and Hi to Greg who commented on my last post. Your profile is set to no-reply for an email address, so I couldn't respond to your comment via email. To answer your question, the book has line drawings of the blocks, and it's really up to you how you put them together - ie, make up templates, foundation piece, hand piece etc. I think there is also an EQ program that will print up the blocks and templates for you. A great way to get help with the blocks is to join the Nearly Insane Yahoo group. I hope this helps :-)


PatchworkRose said...

Hi Tara
Just love your block :-) Have not made B8 yet. Have made B9 though
Still Trying to get back into them. All the papers are printed. Life is still a little topsy turvy. You are inspiring me to get a wriggle on though. If you go to my Blog and key in Nearly Insane in the search all the blocks will come up.
I will post my Blocks here too as soon as I make the first one for 2010 :-)

Barbara said...

DONE! I bet you feel good... I know what you mean about not being entirely happy but too exhausted to change anything - that is exactly how I felt. But it looks very good and once it is in the quilt nobody is ever going to look at it as critically again as you are now. One of the bad guys down, two to go - Hooray! Congratulations, xx