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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Block 13 - Ann

I have just started Nearly Insane, and this is my first block. I have no specific color or fabric theme in mind for these blocks, I'm just pulling fabrics from my stash, and having fun. I paper-pieced this for accuracy, which is how I plan to assemble most of the blocks.


Tazzie said...

I'm thrilled you've joined us Ann, thank you for sharing your first block. It will be really fun to see blocks as you progress. Love this one, it looks great!

Barbara said...

Hi Ann, Snap! When you look at our two B13s next to each other it really hits you how infinitely varied these blocks can be in different fabrics - no wonder some really insane people make more than one NI quilt...!

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Ann I have paper-pieced all mine so far. Know I am going to come unstuck with the handpieced lemoyne star type blocks but am leaving those for the moment. Have discovered Carol Doakes papers bought from Hancocks and I think they are the best paper used so far. Printer likes them too.
Love your colours
Keep having fun :-)