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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Block #12 - Barbara

I enjoyed doing this one. I only have four more photos of blocks done before I need to make some more. I'm not happy with my level of accuracy so far, though, and I've been doing them completely by foundation piecing. I think I'll try a combination of that and freezer paper piecing in future and see how that goes. I'm usually so fussy but these blocks take it out of you; sometimes you are just so glad to get it done! This blog will provoke me into getting back to my NI blocks because Tazzie is making such good progress. Wish I had two sets of hands sometimes, one to go to work and the other to stay and sew...

1 comment:

Tazzie said...

Hey there Barbara, this block is just wonderful! I think your accuracy is just great.
I'll tell you all a little secret ... now that I'm back at work my block production will drop A LOT! But I'll do the very best I can to squeeze some in, because they're just so addictive!
Be sure to have a great week.