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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Block 4 - Tazzie

This one is a cutie - it's block 4. I'm really having fun choosing the fabrics, and like the combination here. Aren't the horses in the middle cute?

Something I've done for a couple of the recent blocks is press some seams open, which I usually don't like to do. For this one, where those star points meet up with the red and yellow fabrics, the intersection was a little bulky, so opening the seams helped the block sit a bit flatter.

Better run - I have quilting and chores to do - I'll chatter soon :-)


viridian said...

Do you think pressing seams open is the better choice, down the orad, for finishing and quilting?

Sarah said...

You should try the pressing or clipping trick that Jo Morton uses in all of her patterns. It is hard to describe, you might try a google search on it. It makes blocks lay flat without the worry if you want to stitch in the ditch while quilting.

Tazzie said...

Hi Viridian and Sarah :-) I don't mind pressing seams open occasionally, but don't make a habit of it. The seams in this block just wouldn't lay flat no matter which way I manipulated them, and because I'll be hand quilting, I just didn't want the bulk.
The picture shows that the block looks nice, and the seam hasn't opened up, so I'm more than happy with the end result.
Are you working on the NI blocks Viridian? Would you like to share your blocks with us here? We'd love to have you!

viridian said...

I have the book but I have not started. You are a dear - thank you for your invitation, you don't even know me!

I have my own blog of quilt and fabric related posts, at

I am a new follower of this blog though, and I joined the NI group at Yahoo groups.