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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Block 51 Lynne

Block 51 is finished :-) I managed to insert the gorgeous scissors which were part of a fabric piece won on Bemuseds blog. I love them. The gorgeous red was compliments of my good friend Rosemary and that Apricot is one of my good friend Nancys signature fabrics. A Special block for my Nearly Insane Quilt.
Cheers Lynne


Tazzie said...

Just adorable Lynne, those scissors are just magnificent. How nice that your block holds such special memories of your friends and their fabric gifts.

Ann said...

What fun fabric! I've never seen that scissors fabric before, but now I will be keeping an eye out. I really love how our fabric chooses are making these block so unique and personal.

Sarah said...

Stupid computers, I have been trying to leave a comment for days! Anywho, I love this block. It is one of my favorites so far. I like the use of the scissors. I really like fussy cutting of pieces. It adds time but makes it up in results.

Barbara said...

I don't have any fabrics in my NI assortment that I could fussy cut but I do like the idea and will bear it in mind in my next NI quilt (Hah!) We all love those scissors!

PatchworkRose said...

That is why I am so slow at making my blocks :-) But I do have lots of fun choosing the fabrics