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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Block 52 - Tazzie

Here is block 52 - It's the block of the week from the Nearly Insane Quilts blog.

I have to confess - I just don't like this block at all. It's not the fabric, or the piecing. It's the lack of symmetry in the block - and I'm a symmetry girl. It just looks all messed up to me. However, I appreciate that it's part of the quilt, and there other blocks with the same issue, so I just have to deal with it.

That pale fabric with the flowers is becoming a firm favourite of mine - so imagine how thrilled I was to see a piece of selvedge today that confirmed that it is indeed a reproduction fabric - part of the Civil War Dressing Gowns collection. Completely made my day!


Ann said...

I know what you mean about liking symmetry. I've always told my husband that our cats have to have symmetrical faces. It would just annoy me too much to look at their lopsided faces every day!

Barbara said...

Ha! I agree absolutely - I think it's something to do with wanting a kind balance and order in a chaotic world...

Minka's Studio said...

I've looked at NI blocks before but this is the first time I realized that some of the blocks are not symmetrical. You have to wonder how this happened in the original quilt. Was it a mistake? Where they making do? Does anyone know?