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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Block 8 - Tazzie

Finally! I've finished making up my replacement Block 8. I prepared all the foundations and did all the stitching but for the blue triangles last weekend. Then I just ran out of time.

I had a lot of quilting to do during the week, so last night was my first chance to get another look at this block. And I have to say, I'm MUCH happier this time around, and in so many ways.

Firstly, I like the colours better - I felt the yellow I used around the outside of the other block was too heavy, and I like the blue in this block. Blue always lifts things, doesn't it?

I changed the orientation of the blue triangles to all face the same way. While I appreciate that in the book the way they're positioned it gets the lighter fabric on the outside all the way around, I didn't like what it did in the corners where the rows met.

This block is much less crooked than the first one, and although still not perfect, I'm definitely not making the block again.

And now on a different topic. I really enjoy working on the challenge blocks from the Nearly Insane Yahoo group. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating if I was to post a weekly challenge block on line here? I'm happy to set the challenges - I'll probably just choose a block each week (rather than set them all way ahead of time). And if there's a certain block you need a nudge to work on, let me know, and we can make that a challenge and work on it together. I'd like to think I might post some 'in progress' pictures to help with construction, but I won't make too many promises given that I'm going on vacation soon. So, are you interested? Let me know :-)


Barbara said...

You're a glutton for punishment but this is a nicer version - the blue does sharpen everything.

I would like to join you in the challenges but the reason I'm doing the blocks in numerical order is that I don't want a predominance of certain reds next to each other and this way I can see how to vary my red/white fabrics from block to block. If I do the blocks out of sequence, I might find that when put together I will have too many close together which look the same. I shall watch you all having fun, though, xx

Kristie said...

I can't believe that you redid this block!!!! You are amazing! I figure if I get it finished once then I will not do it again!!! LOL! I will have to look but I think I have that block partially pieced, it has a ton of pieces!

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Tara
Just Love your block 8. Have to confess that I have not made that one yet.
I am just back from a wonderful 2 weeks away and our second honeymoon in Tasmania :-) Hope to catch up on my Nearly insane blocks with the yahoo group but do not think that I can manage two a week as I have other Quilts on teh go too. Love the Blue and the double pink fabrics.

Ann said...

This looks great, just like they all do.

I may occasionally participate in a block of the week, as I've been pretty random when choosing which comes next. But I also work more than full time, and won't always finish one a week. But let us know what you are starting, and I'll play along when I can.