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Friday, March 19, 2010

Block 46 - Tazzie

Isn't it fun that there are a few of us working on the NI Yahoo group challenges?

Here is my block for this week, block 46. I just purchased the yellow print last week, I really like it - it's a Kaye England fabric. And the red is one of my favourite Sturbridge Village reproductions.

I've made up freezer paper patterns for three more blocks, so if I get the chance, I'd like to get them all made up over the weekend. There are still a few quilts to finish before I head off in three weeks, but if I'm careful with my time, I should be able to get everything done. I'll check back in soon :-)


Sarah said...

I love how you pic fabrics with so much texture.

PatchworkRose said...

Love your fabric choices Tara. Do you have EQ5 or 6 then you can print of the PP Patterns for each block
Lynne Who hopes to get this weeks block made :-)

Ann said...

It's such a rich, deep red - love that color!